Root Canals Explained

In this video, you will learn about a root canal. The root canal process can seem scary for some people. However, if you are getting one, rest assured that it is not too bad once it is explained to you.

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Root canals are a straightforward procedure that can save a tooth. The first thing, you will take a seat in the room and the dentist will make sure you get nice and numb before the procedure. You will feel a slight pinch from the needle, but it is smooth sailing from there. The tooth is clamped, and a dental dam is put in place. The first thing the doctor will do is to remove the decay. They will drill the tooth-like they would during a regular doctor’s check-up. If the canal is ready to be filled, the canal is lubricated. The hand file will go down and help clean out the canal. Depending on the technique that the doctor is using. The goal of this part is that they are trying to get to the root of the tooth. If you are interested more, keep watching this video for more information. Also, it might be helpful if you are getting a procedure yourself.

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