What a Dentist Can Do For You

The American dentistry industry is a big one, and in fact dentistry ranks among the top 10 most trusted and ethical professions in the United States today. Many Americans care a great deal about the health of their teeth, so they take themselves and their kids to family dentists or general dentistry practices for care. This may range from a simple checkup to having dental bridges put in all the way to cosmetic dentists and their work. Cosmetic dentists are those who improve the appearance of teeth rather than surgically extract teeth or fight infection, and a patient who wants a better smile may go to cosmetic dentists for this very reason. Someone may look online for cosmetic dentists, such as “cosmetic dentistry near me Boston MA” or “Invisalign dentists in San Diego CA”. If need be, some patients in states such as Texas or Arizona may look for Spanish-language dental offices, to find Spanish-speaking or bilingual practices. In communities or states with large Latin populations, this service may be easily found, and a person may include that in their online search.

Cosmetic Dentists

What will a cosmetic dentist do for their patients? This may vary based on the appearance and the health of their patients’ teeth, and some common solutions may be used. For example, a patient may have crooked or crowded teeth, and most people will be unhappy with the appearance that this gives them. If this is the case, a patient may visit cosmetic dentists and have clear plastic retainers, such as the Invisalign brand or others, put in. These retainers will help realign the teeth and make them more orderly, and such retainers are molded for the patient’s mouth as needed. What is more, these retainers are clear and difficult to see, making them a discreet way to realign and care for the teeth cosmetically.

In other cases, a patient’s teeth may be discolored, and this may happen due to excessive sugar consumption, coffee drinking, or tobacco use. Many Americans are unhappy about their teeth’s color or alignment, and this may harm their social standing as well. Good hygiene makes a strong impression on others, and a person would not want bad teeth impairing that. Good teeth may be useful for anything from face-to-face sales work to meeting dates or a job interview, so a person may visit cosmetic dentists for retainers or for tooth whitening. In general, white and pearly teeth are considered the most attractive and healthy in anyone. It is no coincidence that models, many celebrities, and movie actors have neat and white teeth.

Other Dental Work

If a patient doesn’t yet need cosmetic dentist work, they may visit their dentist for a regular checkup, tooth removal, or implants. Why might a tooth be removed? In some cases, a tooth is so heavily infected that removing it is the only way to contain that infection. Or, the gums may be diseased and the tooth is coming loose, so the dentist can remove it and get that over with, so to speak. Or, a patient may have a wisdom tooth coming in, which must be numbed and removed. Wisdom teeth threaten adult tooth formations, and they go beyond the normal 28 teeth found in an adult mouth. Having a wisdom tooth coming in is due to no fault of the patient, though.

If teeth are missing from the mouth for any reason, the patient may have implants put in, such as dental bridges. A bridge is an artificial tooth that mimics the real thing, and it is anchored to cover slip that go over the real teeth flanking the tooth gap. Once the bridge is put in place, the false tooth is securely kept in place and restores the patient’s smile, speech, and eating. On a larger scale, meanwhile, dentures may replace rows of teeth or even all of the teeth in a patient’s mouth to restore their cosmetics, eating, and speech. Most often, it is the elderly who need dentures, and these dentures can in fact be placed in the mouth and removed again at will for convenience. Dentures may be modeled after any natural teeth still remaining in the patient’s mouth for maximum comfort during denture use. The same is true for dental bridges.

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