Dental Assistants in the Dental Industry

If you travel town to town you will notice there are a plethora of various jobs, careers and trades to choose from. Hundreds of jobs exist both small and large so it is especially impressive when dentistry, only one of those hundreds of jobs in a given area, is among the 10 most trusted and ethical careers in the United States of America.

The dental industry has several moving parts. For example, employment at a dental practice doesn’t just extend to the dentist themselves. If being an assistant is more your speed, then you’re in luck. DANB CDA Certicants, a fancy way of saying ‘dental assistant’, in Arizona in 2017 made a modest yearly income of $39,580. The Occupational Employment Statistics Program, the very program that estimated the annual wage of dental assistants in Arizona of 2017, also estimated Arizona employed 7,030 dental assistants in 2017 alone. Members of this field, 95% to be specific, view their DANB CDA certificate as a career rather than a job. It’s a solid argument considering 89% of DANB CDA Certificants have reported high satisfaction in their field. This percentage follows closely to survey results stating 70% of DANB CDA Certificants were given income raises.

Nothing beats real-world experience in the dental industry like live patient clinics. This is hands-on dental training at its best. Patients can participate with students in dental college alongside a certified dentist. Live patient clinics offer practical dental assistant training, putting to use the knowledge accumulated from dental school.

There are several avenues and plenty of opportunities to hone, practice, or discover many different skills in the world of dentistry, whether it’s a dental assistant or dentist. As a matter of fact, in 2017 an approximation was made for patients visiting dentists in the U.S. and it was discovered 127.6 million adults sought a dentist. There’s certainly no shortage of work for dentists or dental assistants. This equates for further live clinic training in live patient clinics.

The world of dentistry never seems so varied viewing it from the chair as a patient. For those wishing to avoid traditional college but still wish to immerse themselves in the dental industry, perhaps pursuing a DANB CDA Certification might be the avenue you are looking for.

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