6 Reasons to Visit the Dentist for Whiter Teeth

Teeth whitening products

Many people feel it’s important to have a great smile. There are many situations that can lead to discolored teeth. You’ll want to skip the teeth whitening products and visit a dentist. A dentist will know the best teeth whitening method to apply to your particular situation. Statistics show that 82.5 of those surveyed saw a noticeable after one teeth whitening session. Here are six reasons people choose to have their teeth whitened.

  1. Discoloration from Smoking

    Smoking is known to cause discoloration of the teeth. Whether smoking, chewing or dipping, it’s important to ensure you keep up with dental check ups. There are many chemicals in cigarette smoke that are detrimental to your oral health. Chewing tobacco can discolor the teeth in addition to causing damage to the gums.
  2. Drinking Coffee and Wine

    If you’ve ever spilled coffee or wine on a surface, you know how it stains immediately. No one is expected to refrain from drinking wine or coffee. However, you’ll want to ensure that you’re utilizing the best teeth whitening method your dentist provides. Many people feel that the low teeth whitening cost is worth it when they’re able to enjoy their favorite beverages.
  3. Boost in General Self Esteem

    It’s common for people to want to feel great about themselves. Having your teeth whitened is great to provide nearly everyone with a boost in their self confidence. Statistics show that 18% of people hide their teeth in pictures. If you’ve been someone hiding your teeth, having them whitened could allow you to smile again in photos.
  4. Getting Ready for a Special Event

    You likely live a busy life. Perhaps you have an upcoming reunion, work event, or wedding to attend. You’ll want to do everything to ensure you look your best, having your teeth whitened is a great idea. A dentist will apply the best teeth whitening method to have you looking great for your next event. Statistics show that 74% of adults feel that having unattractive teeth hurts their success in the workplace. It will likely make you feel great to have a teeth whitening session leading up to a job interview.
  5. Trauma to the Teeth

    Unfortunately, accidents occur throughout your life. One reason many have their teeth whitened is to cover up trauma that has happened to the teeth in the past. Damage to a tooth often discolors in a different way than plaque build up does. In most cases, damaged teeth will appear gray or black in color.
  6. Discoloration Due to Age

    Everyone experiences some form of teeth discoloration over time. If someone regularly drinks coffee and smokes, their teeth may discolor faster than someone that does neither. It’s common for patients to have their dentists apply the best teeth whitening method.

In closing, there are several reasons to visit a dentist for a teeth whitening. Smokers regularly notice that their teeth become discolored over time. Certain beverages can cause staining to occur on the enamel of teeth including both coffee and wine. Someone may visit the dentist for a teeth whitening to increase their self esteem or an upcoming event. Previous trauma to the teeth can cause them to discolor. Everyone ages which will cause some form of teeth discoloration to take place. Visiting a dentist will help to ensure your receive the best teeth whitening products and treatments possible.

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