The Top 4 Questions About Bruxism `

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If you suffer from bruxism — more commonly known as teeth grinding — it’s important to realize that you definitely aren’t alone, and that it’s a very treatable condition if you receive the proper care.

Here are a few of the most common questions that people have regarding this dental health condition:

  • What causes bruxism? There are many factors that can lead to teeth grinding: stress and anxiety are typically the most common reasons why someone might develop the condition, and anyone suffering from other sleep-related disorders, like sleep apnea, are at risk of developing the problem too.

  • How is it diagnosed? The problem with teeth grinding is that it often happens at night when patients are sleeping, or they grind their teeth subconsciously during the day without realizing what they’re doing. The most common way it’s diagnosed is when a patient experiences physical symptoms and has an oral care professional examine their teeth.

  • What ARE the symptoms? The symptoms of bruxism can vary quite a bit from patient to patient, but the most common symptom is pain and sensitivity in the teeth and gums. Many people also experience migraines and muscle pain extending down their neck and shoulders. If teeth grinding becomes so severe that it actually causes a person to wake up during the night, chronic exhaustion and sleep deprivation can occur and can lead to a ton of other mental, emotional, and physical problems.

  • How is bruxism treated? The simplest and most effective way to treat this dental health problem is to have custom night guards made at a dental care clinic. These mouth guards are made from flexible plastic and reduce the stress and pressure that one exerts on the teeth when clenching the jaw. Most patients actually see their symptoms improve almost immediately after they begin wearing one at night, and it’s surprisingly comfortable.

Remember, without the proper treatment, this condition can cause serious harm to your teeth AND to your overall health!

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