Canadian Dentures and Dental Health, By the Numbers

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More people than ever before are looking into cosmetic dentures as a solution for missing and/or decaying teeth, and looking at the statistics behind dental health in Canada, it’s no surprise that so many people want to get dentures today! Take a look at the facts below about dental prosthesis and dental health throughout the country, and you’ll see what we mean:

70%: The percentage of Canadians who will develop gum disease at some point in their lives, either as children or as adults. It’s even common for people to develop gum disease because of other medical conditions, like diabetes or heart disease, and it’s also common for pregnant women to develop gum disease temporarily. Although this can be fixed with proper cleaning and care, if left untreated for too long, gum disease can lead to tooth decay.

Seven out of 10: Canadians who brush their teeth at least twice a day — meaning that three out of 10 Canadians don’t brush their teeth that often. The best way to ensure proper dental health is to take preventative measures, most importantly brushing and flossing. Nevertheless, it’s possible to get your dental health back on track by visiting your local denture clinic and asking about which dental prosthesis services would benefit you the most.

$12.5 billion: The amount of money that Canadians spend on dental services, like cleanings, cosmetic dental work, and dental prosthesis — per year. Some services may seem unecessary because they’re purely cosmetic, like teeth whitening services. But important dental prosthesis services, like dental implants and partial or full dentures, aren’t just for aesthetic purposes — replacing missing or decaying teeth is absolutely essential for your overall health (and of course for the health of your gums and remaining teeth).

If these numbers don’t make you want to go brush your teeth right now, hopefully they convinced you that cosmetic dentures are nothing to be scared of!

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