What Toothpaste Should You Use to Whiten Your Teeth?

A happy smile attracts attention and a white one is the hallmark of good personal dental care. Numerous toothpastes are available, many of which are whitening toothpaste. While a white smile is desirable, there are ingredients in toothpaste, that damage the teeth.

How Does Toothpaste Damage Teeth?

Toothpaste is meant to be abrasive, which removes tartar from the teeth. However, makers go overboard, putting ingredients in their pastes that will solve a targeted dental problem.

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For example, pastes containing charcoal in reality do nothing.

Alternatively, pastes using stannous fluoride are particularly dangerous, according to Dr. Nemeth. If a small child swallows it, parents are to immediately call the poison hotline. Additionally, it kills the beneficial mouth bacteria, which isn’t healthy, either.

What’s The Answer?

While Dr. Nemeth uses nothing but water to clean his teeth, most people use toothpaste. Some products that contain less destructive ingredients, such as hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, that gently clean and polish teeth are:

  • Arm and Hammer: A peroxide and baking soda whitening toothpaste that doesn’t abrade teeth.
  • Tom’s of Maine Antiplaque and Whitening: Highly recommended and contains xylitol.
  • Opalescence Whitening: Less abrasive and highly recommended.

When you only need stain removal or freshening up the teeth, abrasive pastes aren’t the answer. Whitening can be accomplished gently and safely.


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