Ever Wondered How a Cavity Gets Filled? Read This!

Getting cavities filled is a common way to treat them. Virtually all general dentists do fillings, so it will be easy to find a dentist to do them. The first step is often to put a numbing gel on the gums in the area to be treated.

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Then, there are injections of a local anesthetic to completely numb the area that will be worked on. Sometimes, a staff member will take your blood pressure before this step.

It takes a few minutes for the local anesthetic to make the area numb, and the dentist will wait until it’s working to proceed to the next steps. The area of the cavity is an area of decay, and this has to be removed. Decayed areas will grow over time, so drilling out the cavity will stop it from spreading. Once the drill, or sometimes a laser, has removed this area, the hole left behind has to be filled.

An amalgam that will be used for the filling is then prepared so that it matches the color of the tooth. This is then applied to the hole and cured with a light. This will cause it to harden. Then, the tooth can be shaped smooth.

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