The Legal Process of Listing an Orthodontic Practice for Sale

Do you have an orthodontic practice for sale but don’t know where or how to start? From the orthodontic practice valuation to ADA practice transitions, the whole process might be an overwhelming and tedious task if you don’t know how to tackle it.

Building a dental practice is one of the most enjoyable elements that an orthodontist has to go through after graduating from the university. At the start of their careers, they spend the majority of the time developing this valuable asset. From filling the team with top-notch professionals to bringing in new and returning patients, every act is significant in making sure the practice becomes successful.

That’s why it’s crucial for these professionals to stay in the game – especially since they’ve worked really hard to build their practice over the course of their careers. But orthodontists who are nearing retirement age or those who simply want to put their career behind them may want to put their orthodontic office for sale.

Watch this extremely detailed and informational video by HIP Creative, Inc., where you’ll discover many things you didn’t know about the processes involved in selling a dental practice. If you have an orthodontic practice for sale, you will benefit greatly from watching and listening to this GrowOrtho podcast video. After watching, you’ll understand everything before going out and selling your practice.

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