What You Didnt Know About Teeth Whitening

There is a lot of misinformation about teeth whitening. These misconceptions can cause fear and anxiety for patients who want to receive high-quality dental care. However, this video by Electric Teeth debunks some of those teeth whitening myths.

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1. Yellow teeth are unhealthy
False. There are people who have yellow teeth but their teeth are still healthy. In case you are in doubt, it’s proper to visit your nearest dentist.
2. Laser whitening is the best option
False. Other teeth whitening procedures work just as well and can deliver great results.
3. Once you whiten the teeth they’ll be white forever
False. Without proper care and maintenance of your teeth after whitening, they are definitely going to change their color.
4. Sucking lemons can deliver whiter results
False. Sucking lemons is bad for the teeth because its acidic content can melt away the enamel and cause irreversible damage to your teeth.
5. Dental kits bought from the shops are similar to what dentists prescribe
False. Dental products bought from the shops have a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide compared to what dentists prescribe. It’s the whitening agent that whites the teeth. You’ll experience better results from a dentist.
6. Natural whitening remedies are better than going to see the dentist
False. Home remedies contain acidic and abrasive agents which can cause irrevocable damage to the teeth.

Contrary to popular belief, teeth whitening treatments are safe and effective. Proper cosmetic procedures can help you get a beautiful smile that you’ll be proud of.

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