What Can You Expect From a Visit to a Holistic Dentist

A dentist is a professional mostly associated with dental treatments such as tooth extraction, dentures, and everything about the teeth. However, not a lot of people know about holistic dentists. What is a holistic dentist and how to know if your dentist is a holistic dentist?


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Any holistic dentist should have an ozone generator in their laboratory or office. it is needed in almost all treatments done by holistic dentists such as filling, treatments, and extraction sites. Ozone and water are used a lot in the dentist facility to clean different things and will also kill bacteria and fungus, it also oxygenates tissues to promote healing.

2. Safe removal of amalgam mercury fillings. Holistic dentist adopts various alternative dental practices and believes that a person’s dental health is connect with its overall health and well-being.

3. All holistic dentists utilize the IAO MT protocol, a safe mercury amalgam removal technique.

4. Holistic dentists do a dental material biocompatibility test to determine if the materials they are placing in the mouth or materials in your mouth are biocompatible and ones that you are not going to react with.

5. Almost all holistic dental offices are metal-free because they follow the concept that metal is a source of corrosion, and metals can react with one another, causing galvanic reactions and magnetics in the mouth that may harm people with allergies to metals.


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