7 Tips and Tricks to Dealing with a Toothache at Home

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It is no secret that Americans care a lot about how their teeth look. The problem is, despite this, many people around the country have untreated cavities. It has been estimated that as many as 20% of all people in the United States have cavities that they do not know about. If you have a broken tooth or a toothache, there are things you can do to make it feel better before you can get in to see the local dentist.

  1. Try coconut oil. If you do not have this in your home, you should get some. It can be used for a large number of things and one is an effective home remedy for a toothache. This is also simple. Most coconut oil is solid when you buy it. Take a small amount and form a ball with your fingers. Place that over the problem tooth and you should experience some relief pretty quickly.
  2. Try some cayenne/ginger paste. Capsaicin, the ingredient in peppers that makes them hot has uses as a topical anesthetic. If you take a combination of 50% cayenne powder and ginger paste and mix it with water, you can create something to help your toothache. Saturate a cotton ball with your pepper/ginger/water solution and place that on your bad tooth. You will only want to keep this on for a few minutes as it can cause pain by itself.
  3. Try some salt water. You do not need to be a dental expert to know that if you take warm water and mix in some salt, this can be a good remedy for a host of oral health issues ranging from root canal pain to abscesses. Take some boiling water and dissolve some salt. Wait until this has cooled enough to not burn your mouth and then rinse with it. This is a good way to clean your mouth and reduce inflammation, which causes pain. RInse with it for about half a minute before spitting it out. You can do this more than once for a better impact on your mouth.
  4. Try some hydrogen peroxide. This is a good way to kill off any bacteria that is in your mouth. You should use a solution that contains no more than 3% hydrogen peroxide. This can be really good if your toothache is accompanied by a fever. If you have an infection in your mouth, this is a great way to start to get rid of it, you will still want to see your dentist.
  5. Try ice. If you hurt your ankle, you may be told to ice it. The reason is simple. This can reduce the swelling, which also cuts down on the pain you experience. Never apply ice directly to your skin or your mouth. Take some ice, use crushed ice or a small piece of it, add it to a ziplock bag, and cover with a cloth. Put that on your trouble area for anywhere up to 15 minutes. You can repeat but should wait between each time you add ice.
  6. Try pressure. You can take a page from the acupressure guides to help with your toothache. Sometimes the mere act of applying some pressure can be enough to quell the painful tooth. You can apply this to the tooth or you can take another route. Use your thumb to apply pressure to the back of your other hand. You need to hit the spot where the index finger meets the thumb. Keep this in place for two minutes and you will experience the release of endorphins, your body’s own painkillers.
  7. Try some gum. This is good if you have a cracked tooth or you have a large cavity. You can place some soft, sugar-free gum on the area and that may hold you over until you are able to see your dentist.

Nothing you can do at home for a toothache can or should be done in lieu of seeing a qualified dentist. These tips and tricks are not meant to be a substitute for proper dental care by a professional but are here to help you feel better until you are able to get into see your family or emergency dentist.

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