From Fear to Friend Helping Your Child Overcome their Fear of the Dentist

Pediatric dental care

For many children, going to the dentist office may seem scary. They may find a person in a mask to be extremely frightening. Whether they’re going in for a childrens dental procedure, or if the visit is for something as simple as a routine checkup, your child’s fear may be debilitating.

As a parent, it may be frustrating and upsetting to watch your child be so afraid of a doctor that is only there to help them. However, there are ways that you can help your child prepare for their next dentist visit so they find the experience to be a bit less intimidating.

Find a Dentist that Specializes in Working with Kids

It’s important for kids to see that dentists are not there to hurt them. Finding a dentist for kids may help your child feel more at ease. The dentist will use different techniques with the child to see that coming into the office for dental work of any kind isn’t a terrible thing. Those dentists may use music, books, or even stuffed animals to quell your child’s fear. They will also be a great help when it comes to childrens dental procedures. Most likely, they will be equipped with certain tools that are made specifically for children. For example, if your child has to go through a procedure that involves needles, the dentist will give them a smaller one, versus a larger one that is used on adults.

Practice Going to the Dentist at Home

Before bringing your child into the office for their appointment, try practicing what a dentist visit will be like. You can show your child what kinds of tools will be used, tell them what the dentist may ask them to do, and explain to them the sounds they may hear.

Stop in for a Visit Ahead of the Appointment

Dentist offices are more than willing to having new patients come by for a visit to meet the staff and to look around prior to their appointment. In the case of childrens dental procedures, this may give the child a chance to meet with everyone that will be involved that day. Doing so will help the child because when they come in for their procedure, they will see some familiar faces.

Take Your Child to the Dentist When They Turn One

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, getting your child in the office right from the get-go can help prevent any issues or anxiety they may have. By going to the dentist that early, it will make your child feel that those appointments are routine and nothing to be scared of. If you find yourself in a situation where childrens dental procedures are necessary, getting your child to the dentist when they are young will only make them more comfortable with the office environment on the day of the procedure.

Going to the dentist is a necessity that shouldn’t be avoided due to fear. By reminding your children that the dentist isn’t there to hurt them, but help them, you should experience a smooth office visit and go home with an extremely happy child.

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