What To Do When You Need A Root Canal Or One-Day Crown

Updated 2/15/21

When you need dental experts to do your root canal, there are many dentists who can do it. The keyword of this procedure is root. The procedure digs down into the root of the tooth and removes the infected area and the nerves that ran through the tooth. Can a dentist perform a root canal? Yes, generally, it is dentists that do this procedure. There are others who can perform it, however, such as a periodontist. Often, when there is a bad infection of the tooth, the patient can get a root canal or pull the tooth, and they have to make that choice.

The healing process for a pulled tooth can be a long one. However, the root canal healing process can also be long. It is best to do what is in the best interest of your health when you make this choice. The dentist can talk to you about both of these options and help you to make up your mind. It’s always better to be informed to make the best decision. Often, people choose a root canal to save what they can of the tooth. This may be your choice for reasons of self-confidence and self-esteem.

How are your teeth doing lately? If you’ve noticed some strange aches and pains or simply want to put off any future issues, it might be time for you to drop by the dentist. Believe it or not, many Americans will put off visiting the dentist for years. The time in-between can lead to a wide variety of issues, ranging from increased risk for a root canal, a heavy build-up of plaque and potential signs of gum disease. Below is a list of simple facts and figures if you want to know more about dental implant options and just how to cultivate a healthy, beautiful smile all days of the year.

Quick Facts

Let’s start off with some common and lesser-known facts. Did you know only half of all adults say they visit their dentist every six to seven months? The other half may not visit their dentist for an entire year, two years or even three years. It’s essential to visit your regular dentist to regularly check up on your teeth and gums for proper health — even a simple cleaning can go a long way in tackling any unseen damage and keeping you from developing common issues like gingivitis, cavities or root canals.

Root Canals

A root canal is when a cavity has deeply penetrated the tooth’s root, requiring surgery in light of the significant discomfort, swelling and pain it causes. More than 15 million root canals are performed in the United States every year — this is up to 41,000 root canals performed on a daily basis. Dental implant options frequently bring up root canals for their severity, meaning you may end up with an extracted tooth if the root is too deeply damaged.

Tooth Extraction

A tooth that can’t be salvaged needs to be extracted. Because of this, you’ll want to be better acquainted with your local dental implant options. While this can be a major concern for many (indeed, not many want to lose a tooth when they’re in their thirties or forties), this is actually a very common procedure — studies have shown nearly 75% of adults saying they had at least one tooth extracted. One of the most common ways of supplementing a tooth extraction is a crown installation, with the CEREC method being used by 38,000 dentists around the world.

Teeth Discoloration

Not every dental procedure is so significant. Sometimes it’s just reversing years of unsightly damage. Surveys have shown nearly half of the American population being actively unhappy with their teeth, at 48%, with discolored teeth being the most popular reason by a landslide. Common contributors to yellowing, staining or browning include regular smoking, chewing tobacco, lack of daily upkeep and regularly drinking coffee. Cosmetic dentists work around the clock to provide people with the gleaming smile they’ve always wanted, using procedures that can be done in a mere session with results that last for months.

Crown Installation

For those that have lost teeth, it helps to know that all is not truly lost. Crowns are a modern way of replacing lost teeth, with more advanced technology making it so that the placement of CEREC crowns requires a single visit. Scientific literature has reported the success rate of dental implants at a stunning 98% — as of now, nearly three million Americans have dental implants and that number is growing at a record rate of 500,000 per year.

When To See A Dentist

Whether it’s tooth decay or one-day implants, seeing a dentist is essential to making sure the damage doesn’t get worse. Dental implant options have never been better for the modern American, with some of the most advanced technology available at most dentist offices for problems ranging from minor to severe. Clinical studies have revealed the success rate of CEREC restorations, in particular, is at 95% following a period of nine years. Combined with advanced 3D X-ray technology, it’s been possible to use CEREC since 2009. Tired of sore teeth or an unpleasant smile? Visit your dentist and come out a brand new person.

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