Show that Beautiful Smile to the World

Restore your smile

How many children put up a fight when it is time to go and visit the dentist? How many adults could say that they are guilty of the same thing? Why is it so bad to head in for a dental visit? Well it may have a little something to do with the fact that so many people have had an extremely painful experience at the dentist’s office at some point, and from that point on, dental visits will always be associated with pain or discomfort. That, of course, is not something that many people would be looking forward to. But a visit to the dentist doesn’t have to be torture. In fact, much of what you do every day for your oral health could lead to the pain free dentistry you would rather have.

Pain free dentistry begins with patient cooperation

First of all, think of how the dentist must feel. Here is a man or woman dedicated to helping countless people stay healthy, and he or she is regularly feared or loathed. And all it really comes down to for those of us in the chair with our mouths agape is listening to what the dentist recommends, and then — wait for it — actually doing it! In one survey, about 22% of people claimed to be flossing their teeth daily. For starters, that is not a very high number at all. Not even a quarter of the respondents were doing a simple action that everyone should be doing every day. But also, how accurate is that percentage, really? There are no statistics revealing how many people are truthful on these surveys, so who’s to say that the percentage is even that high? Another 75% of individuals admit that they do not replace their toothbrushes as often as is recommended, which could lead to issues with your dental health as well. Flossing regularly and keeping up on the capabilities of your toothbrush could do wonders for contributing to pain free dentistry, and that is up to you, not your dentist.

The dream of pain free dentistry

So it is not always the fault of the dental patient when things go awry in the mouth. About 20% of Americans have at least one untreated cavity, and many of those individuals are on the poorer end of the income scale. And even if you do have the money to regularly see the dentist, sometimes things just happen that are out of your control. Accidents lead to lost, chipped, or broken teeth. Genetics can lead to the need for braces and environment or incidents can necessitate checks for oral disease. But whatever the reason you need to see the dentist, go in with the confidence that he or she is determined to do his or her best to get your oral health back in good standing, with the least possible amount of pain.

Keeping your mouth happy

Not all visits to the dentist are going to be uncomfortable. If you keep up with your oral health, visits for regular dental cleanings or teeth whitening and other cosmetic treatments can be relatively pain free. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry conducted a survey that showed almost all adults, at 99.7%, think that having a good, healthy smile is crucial for social interactions and situations. Indeed, many people put a lot of value on a smile, and it is, after all, one of the best ways to express yourself and let your true self shine. So do what it takes to restore your smile, and beam confidently and proudly. Share your smile with the world.

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