What Can Cosmetic Dentistry Do for You?

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Cosmetic dentistry has definitely become an important industry in recent years, not only because it helps people regain their confidence by improving the aesthetic quality of their teeth, but also because these procedures help patients improve the overall health of their mouths. With that in mind, you might actually be able to benefit from a cosmetic dental procedure, without even realizing it yet!

Dental Implants and Cosmetic Dentures Both of these options provide people with natural-looking replacement teeth, regardless of why they’ve lost teeth or how many they’ve lost. If the patient has a relatively healthy jaw, dentists might suggest implants, which are inserted into the patient’s mouth and eventually fuse with the jawbone, essentially becoming part of the body. Cosmetic dentures today are a better option for anyone with a weak jawbone, because they can be custom-fitted without requiring invasive surgery.

Teeth Whitening This is definitely one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures around, and it’s estimated that Americans spend about $1.4 billion each year on products for whitening teeth. Although it’s possible to find a variety of products in your local pharmacy that can whiten teeth, more people are choosing to have the treatment done by a dental professional, because these dentists have precise teeth whitening methods which allow the patient to choose exactly how much to whiten his/her teeth.

Moldable Mouth Guards Cosmetic dentistry also addresses sleep-related problems that affect teeth, such as sleep apnea (a sleep-breathing disorder) and nighttime teeth grinding. These products are often custom-fitted by a cosmetic dentist, and can easily be used in conjunction with other treatment methods (like a weight loss program, or stress-reducing psychotherapy).

If you’ve been having trouble with your teeth lately — and especially if you haven’t visited the dentist recently to have your teeth examined — there’s no reason not to schedule a visit with a local cosmetic dentist. More people are finding out each year that these procedures are safe, affordable, convenient, and allow their bodies to get healthy — and stay healthy. See this link for more.

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