There Is No Excuse to Continue Suffering From an Unattractive Smile

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Did you know that tobacco use, unhealthy diet, poor oral hygiene, and alcohol use can lead to oral disease? In fact, 75% of American adults have gum disease, which is troublesome considering that gum disease can lead to tooth decay and tooth loss. Fortunately, when your smile is not as appealing as it used to be, the best cosmetic dentistry procedures can help.


Lumineers are a form of dental veneer, meaning they are thin sheets of material that are placed on the front surfaces of teeth to conceal several noticeable imperfections. For example, Lumineers are commonly used to cover stains, chips, and cracks, as well as reshape disproportionate teeth. Since Lumineers are much thinner than traditional veneers, local dentists do not have to shave your teeth down in order to adhere them to your teeth.

Dental Implants

This is one of the best cosmetic dentistry treatments available because it is a permanent solution to tooth loss, which is crucial considering that 69% of adults between the ages of 35-44 are missing at least one tooth. Dental implants are titanium devices that are placed into the jaw sockets of missing teeth, and they are topped with crowns that look and feel just like natural teeth. In addition, dental implant surgery is now performed by 10% of all dentists, meaning it is simple to find a good dentist who offers this treatment.

Gum Lift

If your gums are misshapen or sit too low or high on your teeth, a gum lift may be right for you. Modern gum lifts are performed using lasers, which seal off the blood vessels so there is minimal bleeding. Since gum lifts are designed to make the gum line more visually appealing, they essentially compliment the appearance of your teeth.

An unappealing smile can be embarrassing, so it is important to consider getting the best cosmetic dentistry treatments. Lumineers, dental implants, and gum lifts, for instance, are all effective ways to get a better smile. This means that by visiting a good dentist and receiving the right treatment option for your needs, your smile will get the aesthetic enhancement it deserves. Find out more at this site:

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