Three Gross Toothbrush Mistakes You’re Probably Making

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Oral hygiene is essential for your overall health, and part of that is taking adequate care of your teeth. Since it’s something we do everyday, we don’t much think about it, but making sure you’re brushing, flossing, and using mouth …

You Can Get More Dental Patients Through Effective Online Marketing Techniques

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Are you a professional dentist who is looking to expand the reach of her or his practice with the addition of new dental patients? You may find that investing in a new dental web marketing system, particular dental SEO

Learn How A Cosmetic Dentist Can Change Your Smile

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A cosmetic dentist is the person to see when you are looking to change your smile. Procedures they provide can whiten teeth, straighten teeth, and repair damaged teeth. The best cosmetic dentist will offer a wide selection of procedures to …

There Is No Excuse to Continue Suffering From an Unattractive Smile

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Did you know that tobacco use, unhealthy diet, poor oral hygiene, and alcohol use can lead to oral disease? In fact, 75% of American adults have gum disease, which is troublesome considering that gum disease can lead to tooth decay …

Three Super Weird Facts About Teeth and Dental Care That You Probably Didn’t Know

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About 100 years ago, half of North American adults were actually missing all of their teeth. Thankfully, due to advancements in dental care and better general dental hygiene, these days less than ten percent of adults are missing teeth. Teeth …

The Top Three Interesting Things Everyone Ought to Know About Their Teeth

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Everyone knows that they ought to brush and floss, but a lot of people worry about their teeth too much and for the wrong reasons. Here are three things you should know about your teeth that might set your mind …

Find a Dentist in Your Area Whom You Can Trust

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Are you looking for an affordable dentist who can help improve your smile by providing viable substitutes for broken or missing teeth? You’ll want to find a local dentist who specializes in cosmetic dentistry specifically.

In the case of lost …

How to Avoid Bad Dentists for Your Major Dental Procedure

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If you’re looking into a major procedure like dental implant surgery, teeth in an hour or dentures, it’s crucial to find the best dentist for the job. Dental practices are fairly standard, but that doesn’t mean the quality will be …