Parents Face Jail Time For Neglecting Daughter’s Teeth

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Can poor dental hygiene land you in jail? Two Pennsylvania parents are facing child neglect charges after failing to responsibly care for their young daughter’s teeth. At just six years old, the child has 14 abscessed teeth and needs surgery to prevent her condition from worsening. (If her parents continue ignoring her dental health, her condition could become life-threatening.) How can you keep your teeth and your family’s teeth healthy? The best cosmetic dentists share their secrets.

When Brushing Does More Harm Than Good

Brushing immediately after meals can actually do more harm than good, according to top dentists. Before it comes to cosmetic dental solutions, such as cosmetic dental surgery or cosmetic dental implants, know what foods and practices can result in cavities, tooth decay, or even tooth loss. Highly acidic foods wear away the enamel on our teeth; brushing immediately after eating citrus fruits (or after drinking coffee, tea, or wine) accelerates this process. Keep enamel intact and strong by waiting 45 minutes after meals. Waiting allows acids to neutralize, and prevents it from eroding the enamel on your teeth.

It’s Better To Drink Through A Straw

Drinking through a straw can help reduce decay and eliminate stains. There are even special straws available. Manufactures produce hard plastic, flexible straws that will not disintegrate in hot beverages, like coffee and tea.

A Few Weird Tricks Just For Adults

Adults have even more options for caring for their teeth. A new study shows drinking moderate amounts of red wine will actually eliminate bacteria in your mouth, ultimately reducing likelihood of cavities. Some adults are you taking a page out of celebrities’ books, and using a method called oil pulling to help wash away bacteria and food particles in their mouths. Oil pulling entails swishing or gargling with coconut oil for about five minutes.

Don’t let your teeth get out of hand. The best cosmetic dentists advise brushing 45 minutes after meals, drinking through straw, and indulging in the occasional glass of red wine. Learn more at this link:

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