Cosmetic Dental Veneers

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Teeth veneers cost a decent amount of money and one should be aware of this before getting cosmetic dentistry veneers. A veneer is a thin layer of material that is placed over a tooth. It is done either to improve the aesthetics of a tooth or to protect the tooth’s surface from damage. There are two types of material that is used in order to fabricate a veneer and they are composite and dental porcelain. A composite veneer may be directly placed or indirectly fabricated by a dental technician in a dental laboratory, and later bonded to the tooth, typically using a resin cement such as Panavia during cosmetic dental surgery. In contrast, a porcelain veneer may only be indirectly fabricated. Depending on which material you use, teeth veneers costs can vary.

Today, with improved cements and bonding agents, teeth veneers can usually last 10 to 30 years. They may have to be replaced during this time due to leaking, decay, chipping, cracking, discoloration, shrinkage of the gum line, and damage from injury or tooth grinding. Porcelain veneers are more durable and tend to last longer and are less likely to stain than veneers made of composite. Teeth veneers cost can vary depending on the experience and location of the dentist.

The amount of people that had porcelain veneers increased by 15% from 2004 to 2006. Of a study performed with over 80 thousand people about general and cosmetic dentistry, found that 53% of them that had veneer procedures did not need any replacement, or re-installations of their veneers after 10 years. An estimated 74% of adults felt that bad teeth can hurt your chances at a successful career. Teeth veneers cost in the United States range anywhere from $1000 a tooth upwards to $3000 a tooth as of 2011. Now knowing the teeth veneers costs, you may want to save some money before seeing your family dentist.

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