Are Stars Using To Whiten Their Teeth?

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Are you ready for some of the most bizarre cosmetic dentistry trends? People from all over the world are getting a little strange, especially when it comes to their teeth. You will be shocked by how Japan challenges Western ideals of beauty, and you may be put off by the trick celebrities are using to permanently whiten their teeth, too.

Japanese Women Are Paying For That!?

Japanese women are paying cosmetic dental associates and family dentists to alter their teeth in some shocking ways. One of the biggest trends currently sweeping through Japan — a trend called yaeba teeth — entails undergoing cosmetic dental procedures that will actually bend perfectly straight teeth. Women want smiles that are endearingly crooked, and most are requesting canines that are prominent and/or pointed, too. “Japanese men are said to find this attractive: blogs are devoted to yaeba, celebrities display it proudly, and now some women are paying dentists to create it artificially by affixing plastic fronts to their real teeth,” The New York Times writes. The new cosmetic dental treatment raises some concerns about sexualizing children, who are most likely to have somewhat misaligned teeth. One Japanese doctor, however, discredits that particular theory. “Crooked teeth, and in particular the prominent canines associated with yaeba, are almost certainly a signal of being post-puberty. After all you must have most or all of your adult teeth in for them to be so crowded,” she explains to The Huffington Post.

Celebrities Use A Gross Trick To Whiten Their Teeth

Iron Man actress Gwyneth Paltrow — and several others — are surprising even family dentists with a bizarre at-home teeth whitening trick. What is it? Celebrities are taking up oil pulling, or — in other words — they are swishing and gurgling coconut oil in their mouths for approximately five minutes. Apparently, this reduces bacteria and ultimately whitens teeth.

What is the secret to perfect teeth? Popular trends disagree. Hollywood stars are swishing coconut oil for perfect teeth while Japanese women actually pay to have their smiles adjusted and altered to appear imperfect. Check out this site for more:

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