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Tongue cleaning products

If you just glance at the commercials between TV shows, it can be easy to think that the list of oral health products is limited to dental floss, mouthwash, and a truly stunning array of toothbrush options. But brushing and flossing only scratch the surface of the world of dental health products available, all of them aimed at keeping your mouth shiny and sparkly, as if you spent every single morning of your life in a dentist’s chair.

Picks and Scalers
Honestly, who wouldn’t want to use the same pointy, metal tools dentists use in their offices? They just seem so darn official. But seriously, folks: Anyone can buy a set of picks and scalers, and, with just a bit of practice and maybe some guidance from your dentist, kiss those stubborn stains and discoloration spots goodbye.

Tongue Scrapers?
You read that right: tongue scrapers. They’re basically loops of thin metal or plastic that you literally scrape across the top of your tongue to remove accumulated bacteria. While it may seem like a weird thing to do (and feel like it, too, the first few times), tongue cleaning is one of the best ways to combat not only harmful bacteria buildup but also morning breath. Not so crazy-sounding now, huh?

Nighttime Mouth Guards
Sometimes, dental health is about more than just keeping your teeth clean — it’s about protecting your enamel when you’re completely unconscious. If you grind your teeth at night, mouth guards help prevent irreversible dental damage, and possibly even alleviate the symptoms of TMJ disorder that many grinders experience during the daylight hours. Double-duty!

So now that we’ve successfully extended your morning and nighttime routines by a couple hours each, it’s time to get out there and start brushing-flossing-gargling-scraping-guarding-picking-scaling-rinsing-and-repeating! Find more on this topic here.

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