Top Three Surprising and Interesting Things You May Not Know About Modern Dentistry

Cosmetic dental center

When you think about dentistry, the odds are that you have a pretty concrete image that comes to mind. Whether it is teeth, or a dentist chair, or braces, or even some sort cosmetic dental implants, you probably think that dentistry is a pretty straightforward business. After all, how much can even the best cosmetic dentists be responsible for? However, there are a lot of interesting things about dentistry that anyone can do with learning, from the top dentists in the Columbus Dental Society to the newest interns. Here are three things about dentistry you may not have known:

1. Dentistry Goes Way Back

When do you think the first dental implants were made? If you guessed anything in this millenia, then you’re sadly mistaken. The first recorded dental implants trace back to the Mayans over thirteen hundred years ago when a woman replaced her missing teeth by hammering pieces of shell into her gums. That’s some serious history you might not learn from the Columbus Dental Society!

2. Most People Want a Million Dollar Smile

Lots and lots of people visit cosmetic dentists, but of all the reasons they do so, tooth whitening is by far the most popular procedure requested. This is popular among both young and old folk — about a fifth of all procedures are done on people younger than thirty! Whether it’s for their career, their love life, or their self esteem, it seems that everyone wants a movie star quality smile. Dentistry makes it possible!

3. Cosmetic Dentistry is On the Rise

As popular as cosmetic dentistry is, it is only becoming more so. Based on current trends, it is expected to grow by eleven percent each year. It is no surprise that is is so popular considering its startling ninety eight percent success rate! What do you think about cosmetic dentistry? Find more on this here.

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