Three Ways You Are Unknowingly Damaging Your Teeth

Salem teeth whitening

“Although fillings, crowns, and professional whitening can make your teeth stronger and brighter, it’s better (and cheaper!) to avoid cavities and stains in the first place, by brushing, flossing, and — last but not least — eating right,” ABC News reports. In other words, there are plenty of things you can do to avoid seeing a restorative dentist. Knowing what can negatively impact your teeth and dental health is a good start. Here are some surprising things that can do a considerable amount of harm to your smile:

Birth Control Pills (Ladies, What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Your Teeth!)

“Because oral contraceptives mimic pregnancy, they can also lead to gum inflammation and infections, including gingivitis,” MSN Living explains. “Additionally, some studies have shown that women who use birth control pills may have more trouble healing after tooth extractions and are twice as likely to develop painful dry sockets where the tooth used to be.” Consult your dentist before all traditional and cosmetic dental treatments. Let them know you are on birth control bills, and you will be able to discuss possible side effects and/or alternative dental care or procedures.

Brushing Right After Meals

Brushing immediately following meals can actually be harmful to your teeth. Restorative dentists recommend brushing after eating, with some caveats. “Brushing teeth immediately after drinking carbonated drinks and acidic foods can cause erosion,” dental health expert Gigi Meinecke tells MSN. In order to avoid erosion and enamel wearing away from some foods, wait approximately 45 minutes to an hour after meals before brushing and flossing, experts continue.

Eating Saltines And Other Crackers

Finally, some unexpected foods — like crackers — can damage your gums and teeth. “The refined carbohydrates found in saltines and many other types of crackers convert to sugar in the mouth very quickly, providing fodder for cavity-forming bacteria,” ABC News writes.

Know what is and isn’t good for your teeth — and you may easily save thousands of dollars worth of corrective and/or cosmetic procedures. Consult your dentist if you are using birth control pills, brush your teeth at the right times, and know what foods are harmful to your teeth. References.

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