Top Three Frightening Reasons to Brush and Floss

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Despite how crucial they are to every day life, people often slack off when it comes to taking care of their teeth. There is a clear and evident need for regular brushing and flossing, but for some reason people still avoid it to an extent. Perhaps the need is not clear or evident enough. Here are three frightening statistics that demonstrate why it still so very important to practice good dental hygiene.

1. Cavities are More Common Than You’d Think

Over the world, between sixty and ninety percent of school children have been found to have developed dental cavities. Those are scores and scores of children who have had to visit a cosmetic and family dentistry practice in order to solve an entirely preventable issue. Children dentists are an important resource to have, but it is heartbreaking when they must perform their craft.

2. The Demand for Dentist Teeth Whitening Procedures has Skyrocketed

The call for professional teeth whitening procedures has risen through the roof in recent years. Over just the past five years, the number of people who have paid the cost of teeth whitening at a cosmetic and family dentistry practice has risen by about three hundred percent in the United States. The demand for dental veneer procedures has increased by roughly two hundred fifty percent in that same time. Both of these procedures cost money that could have been saved by just investing in a new bar of tooth paste every once in a while.

3. Missing Teeth are Massively Common

For all that people complain about the rampant poor dental practices today, at least the main issue is just cavities and yellowing teeth — or so the layman would think. In reality, more than thirty million Americans have had the displeasure of losing all of their teeth in one or even both jaws. That’s thirty million sets of dentures that might otherwise not have been needed if people had taken more care with their teeth. How often do you brush and floss? See this link for more.

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