Missing Teeth? Consider Mini Dental Implants

Updated 07/15/22

If you have experienced tooth loss, you will likely desire to get it fixed. Dental implants are one of the restorative procedures to fix teeth carried out by many dentists. You can have that one tooth replaced, and if you are missing all of your teeth, a full dental implant can replace your teeth and the roots. You have the option of having that one tooth replaced.

Is a tooth implant necessary? Dental implants are an option for patients missing one or more teeth and may be required in some cases. However, they are not always necessary. Dental implant surgeries’ primary purposes are to restore your teeth’ functionality and make them appear more attractive. Dental implants can be either permanent or removable. They serve as a sturdy base, designed to look just like natural teeth. Although what is a dental implant considered a technique for dental surgery tooth replacement used on the patient would vary by the dentist or surgeon and the implant material used. Overall, dental implants are efficient and speedy oral surgeries.

According the IBIS World research, the cosmetic dental industry in the United States generates an estimated $4 billion in revenue. This industry also employs an estimated 42,664 people throughout the United States. It is also expected to grow by 1.8% each year in the United States.
These figures show that many people are seeking the services of cosmetic dental professionals. Many of them are seeking solutions for missing teeth. According to AAID, 30 million Americans are missing their teeth in either one or both jaws. One great solution is the mini dental implant.
Dental implants are the only cosmetic dental procedure that preserves and stimulates the growth of natural bone. The procedure of mini dental implants is actually quite interesting.
Tiny posts usually made of titanium are placed into the jawbone where the missing teeth were located. The jawbone then heals around these posts create a strong base for the artificial teeth. This healing process can take anywhere between six and twelve weeks to complete grow around the dental implant.
After the healing time, the artificial teeth are secured onto the mini dental implants, creating natural feeling teeth. These mini dental implants have a very high rate of success. Additionally, mini dental implants can last a lifetime through good dental maintenance and care.
Because of the permanent nature of dental implants, they are looked upon as a good option over traditional dentures. Unlike dentures, mini dental implants will not require adjustments or replacement over the years.
If you are interested in replace missing teeth with mini dental implants and cosmetic dental surgery, contact a dental cosmetic professional. You can discuss all the mini dental implant options and the associated costs. You may find that this professional offers financing plans that can help with costs associated with mini dental implants.
During this consultation, you can also find out about other cosmetic dental procedures you may be interested in such as veneers or teeth whitening services. With all of the cosmetic procedures available, including mini dental implants, you will soon be on your way to a brighter, healthier smile.
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